The Good Governance App is an on-line governance tool specifically designed for management committees – and their umbrella or peak bodies.

It is a self-paced Q&A checklist that guides users through the essential governance concepts, principles and activities needed to ensure a healthy and productive organisation.

The Good Governance App recognises that the vast majority of incorporated Associations are small, volunteer-driven organisations, often with limited resources and in need of practical guidance to meet the challenges of the modern not-for-profit environment. It gives you a snapshot of your Association's governance status, identifies areas for improvement and provides a Toolbox full of simple tips, techniques and examples to help you on your governance journey.

The Good Governance App also recognises the challenges faced by umbrella and peak bodies in providing practical assistance to their members. The App will provide the insight and information needed to identify where you can best target your resources to develop the capacity of your members and in turn develop your sector..


The Good Governance App comprises three main elements:


The Good Governance App is an affordable, accessible and practical tool for Management Commitees everywhere!